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    Emmanuele Zuccarelli

    Emmanuele Zuccarelli is a multifaceted artist with extensive experience in session music and mixed-media artistry. His commission works, ranging from graffiti-inspired illustrations to portraits and sculptures, have been featured extensively in print and digital advertisements - ranging from a national fast food chain to internationally renowned fashion brands and Middle Eastern airlines. He also pushes boundaries in multimedia art by crafting visual art into motion graphics and interactive elements. The talented Oregon native did not immediately pursue art as his profession. Before focusing on his craft, he spent his teenage years attending high school close to his childhood home in Douglas County and playing sports like basketball and cross-country running. After graduating high school at age 19, Zuccarelli dedicated himself to higher education by enrolling at Oregon State University's College of Liberal Arts, where he proved once again that hard work pays off.


    In late 2023, the ambitious artist will take a trip overseas to perform alongside an international recording artist whom he's worked with since 2005 as their go-to drummer; this is further evidence of his maintaining success across many mediums in one versatile career - a testament to his determination. He has been married for some time now and has three youngsters; although studio sessions remain his primary focus, come late 2023, he will return to touring as he embarks on another fascinating project across the globe.